Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Challenge Time

A couple of Sundays ago, I managed to get myself to Injune to join their patchworkers for the day. I had a wonderful time working on a project I have been meaning to do for a while & watching the ladies all make wonderful quilts using preloved chenille.

I left Injune with the Injune Creek Patchworkers Paperbag Challenge 2010. Inside was...

and my mind started racing. What to do...

Even when I do decide I can't post as it has to remain a secret until December 18 - I know a long way off. Let's hope I get it finished without waiting till the last minute.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Roma show was on last week & so I took that as my deadline to finish a quilt I started in a workshop last year.

My "Convergence" quilt was started in a workshop with Julie Latcham of Cow Paddocks and Craft, in August 2009.

Most of the ladies made 1 unit, added borders & embellishments, I however took the challenge offered by Julie to make 4 units, & add them together.

This is 1 unit of mine on it's own.
This vibrant butterfly design is 1 unit with borders & embellishments.
and this is the variety of designs created in the weekend.
The photo below is what I left the workshop with & how I wanted to join my units together.

Unfortunately I realised the 'lantern' fabric in the centre would not join up well & you would see the joins, so I had to reassess.

Let's just say that I finished 4 units in the weekend workshop, but they were 4 different sizes & I was quite prepared to throw the whole thing in the bin. I really was not happy with my efforts.

So after much 'cranking' about it I decided just to put it together. I sewed it up, added borders & mounted it on my quilting frame. I quilted the living daylights out of it and had a few disasters there {quite another story} and it was finished in time for the Roma Show.

I still don't like it and as only my 2nd attempt at using the quilting frame I learnt a few valuable lessons.

I think the quilt still needs something, just not sure what. I will have to create some embellishments. It is quite a large quilt, so could be useful, I just need to like it.
I shall name you "Converged Crossroads".

The MAHARAJAH comes to visit

The MAHARAJAH'S GARDEN suitcase exhibition came to visit Roma last week.
This exhibit was put together by the Australian Textile Arts and Surface Design Association (ATASDA). The theme was Maharajah's Garden and the works were inspired by this. The beautiful works we all packed into an adorable blue suitcase & they travel around the country.
Roma Patchwork & Crafters Inc were hosts to this exhibit for 2 days only.

The boys were on hand to help me pack the exhibit away & as the works are valuable & somewhat fragile, we all had to wear the "white gloves" to ensure we did not damage the works.

And T snapped me in my most flattering 'librarian/curator" pose while explaining a work to a passerby.

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