Thursday, April 14, 2016

February Finishes and an impending deadline

Oh February, the month when you realise the year has started and you are already lagging behind.

This was true of my February.  School had gone back, after school commitments had started and I realised I had approximately 6 weeks to make / finish / plan a Quilt Show.

 So I started some frantic binding...
 Complete.  A quilt show exhibit & Aussie Hero Quilt to boot.  :)
 An ambitious plan to make an entire new quilt before the Quilt show.  (in hindsight a bit too ambitious)
 Valentines day morning tea with my boys at the local nursery.  Isn't this cheesecake just gorgeous.
 Arrival of a new 'gift to self' for me sewing room.
 This laser cut record says "sew thankful"  It is from Broken Record in Brisbane this is the link to their Facebook page.  She does great work and takes your design & cuts it into reality.

I love it, but I also love that you can tell it was a record.
 Then onto more frantic planning and sewing for the Biennial quilt show of Roma Patchwork & Crafters Inc.  Showing of the Quilts was to be held over Easter 2016.  I was coordinating the show with another member and we had heaps of work to do.  And I mean heaps.
 Back soon with March updates on my completed sewing - gotta love a deadline....  :)

January 2016 - holidays & sewing?

January, the craziest & nicest month of the year.

It is school holidays.  It is summer. It is visiting family & getting ready to go back to school.  It is relaxing and busy at the same time.

This year saw us take in a few cultural treats.  "Lis Miserables" at the Lyric Theatre. We all went but this photo just shows hubby & I. 

Then off the Great Moscow Circus. Great Fun
 We took the boys to Mt Cootha to be 'tourist in our own city'.  It did nto disappoint. The weather was spectactular and the icecreams yummy.
 We tripped into the city to visit City Hall & do a tour of the clock tower.  Awesome.  We visited the Museum of Brisbane (inside City Hall) and I was fascinated by this original window (a quilt design prehaps)
 a view of the detail on the buildings in the Queen street mall as visible from City Hall Clock Tower
 The beautiful clock face from behind
 ornate ceilings.  (I love this).  It really would be an amzing quilt.
 The original tiled floors. The family just kept walking, I was too embarassing as I was photographing the floor.
 and maybe some more tiles.
 even the conceptual plans for city hall are inspiring
 Yep, more of that ceiling
 The magnificent clock tower from outside.
 We literally spent a day exploring this icon of our city and the best bit IT WAS ALL FREE.  Yep, you can tour City Hall, the Clock tower & visit the museum of Brisbane for FREE.  The exhbitis in the museum change regularly, so you can always pop back.  The boys are looking forward to our next trip to go up the tower again.   Visit the website & check it out.   Museum of Brisbane    
A great visit for Locals & tourists alike.

We came home from holidays & it was time to head back to reality. Thankfully I had a few friends to catch up with & this Christmas present was waiting for  me.  :)  Love it Liz.

Australia Day
 Drives in the country
 and FINALLY some sewing.  Yep this is a miniature (about 10cm square) version of the raffle quilt we made for our upcoming quilt show.  Yes it is a quilt, it has 3 layers joined together with stitches.  NOOO it is not pieced (it is a photograph printed onto fabric, then 'quilted').
 and I started to tidy my sewing room but got distracted by my pretty bias binding.  Maybe I might have a bit too much ??.

I promise more 'real' sewing happened in February.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

December - where oh where did my year go??

Wow, December always comes around way to quickly.
2015 was no exception.

In 'sewing land' I was able to see my son's enjoyment as he completed his Grade 8 Home Economics Boxer Shorts.  He was so proud and enjoyed the process so much, that he made a 2nd pair as a Christmas present for his brother. (Not sure where I put that photo)

 I continued work on "Mum's Quilt".  This quilt was a jelly roll quilt that Mum had made because 'anyone can make a Jelly roll quilt'.  It was a centre that needed turning into a quilt, so after, borders, procrastinating, finding a "mum approved" lily silhouette I was back to work to finish it.
 Water Lily silhouette with 'stained glass' edging
 I then remembered that I had promised the boys personalised pillow cases for Christmas, so a frantic afternoon sewing and they had "Star Wars" & "Pokemon" pillow cases ready for Christmas day.

We then headed to Brisbane to spend Christmas with the family.  Mum's quilt wasn't quite finished, so I was binding whilst taking in the view.

 Finally Finished.
 It looks good on Mum's bed
 and more importantly Mum is happy with it.

Then it was Christmas and in a heartbeat it was New Years Eve.

This was our view for NYE .  It was our wedding anniversary & my sister had arranged a motel in the city for us all. The view of  South Bank was AMAZING!!
 Apparently 15 years wedding anniversary gift is crystal.  Hubby did not think this Waterford Crystal Chandelier was appropriate.  At only $15000 it was a bargain.  :)
 As sun set on 2015 we prepared for the fireworks
They did not disappoint.

Trying to be a better blogger in 2016.

November 2015 Sewing

November was a month of deadline motivated sewing (surprise surprise) and guiding others in their sewing quests

This awesome quilt was pieced by Gayle from some Aussie Hero BOM blocks to be sent to a Pittsburg Steelers Fan.

Close up of Logo
 The 'football' laundry bag.
 This Aussie Hero Quilt was a joint effort between myself and Emily.
(An OPAM for November)

A Horse theme laundry bag
 The Truely Aussie Front featuring a map teatowel pieced by Emily
 The horse themed back
 The close up of the horse panel.  It says "The Family Bond.   Like the herd that grazes in the pasture, they are protected and secure by the unity that holds them together, so too is the bond of the family".

We thought it was fitting for someone deployed away from their family.
 The massive sewing event of my November was a sewing bee with the ladies from patchwork to make our raffle quilt for "Showing of the Quilts" to be held at Easter 2016.

This is Gayle stitching intently...
 1/2 of the quilt blocks - not joined - this quarter log cabin was easy and hard at the same time.
I think I was supposed to be making Christmas present at this time too, but I  am fairly sure that didn't happen.

See you again soon.

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