OPAM 2011 and prior

OPAM 2011

  • My apologies. I managed to delete my OPAM list so I have had to reconstruct. I hope I have it correct.
  • DECEMBER - No Finishes.
  • NOVEMBER - 18 tea towels; 2 shaggy photo quilts; 2 square christmas hangers; 3 embroidered wall hangings * 9 "car' bags *9 coaster sets (not technically an OPAM) * 1 remodelled lamp base to hanging stand (also not technichally an OPAM)
  • OCTOBER - Custom black hat for Grandma * 6 blackboard conversions (technically not an OPAM) * Blue Hearts Care Quilt *25 teacher magnets & 25 teacher ornaments (technically not an OPAM either) * 6 Teacher towels *11 Christmas Towels * 50 elves and angels (technically not an opam either) *3 more TEACHER towels *2 personalised teacher hand towels *3 Christmas Runners * 2 Christmas Hangings *1 Secret Squirrel Quilt (Becc's Wedding)
  • SEPTEMBER - black & White plus 1 challenge entry # 2 *Stripes and Bars Care Quilt
  • AUGUST - *embroidered Christmas table cloth *Prequilted overnight bag * 2 blue/white/ yellow table runners * Bindi's 21st Birthday Quilt * Tumbler Stripes Care Quilt * Snowball Cot Quilt
  • JULY - *Christmas Memories Queen Size Quilt *Rubies and Diamonds Lap Quilt *Twisted Bargello * Violet embroidered pillow cases
  • JUNE - Arabesque applique table cloth
  • MAY - scrappy cross table runner *Button tree bag - grown up and sophisticated *Blue spiral scarf
  • APRIL - *Cream spiral scarf *Denise's bottle tree *Shaggy Bloke Blue Quilt *125 years Roma Show wallhanging
  • MARCH - *Pink knitted bag *Blue knitted bag *'Cow' knitted bag *White/tan/grey knitted bag*Pink & brown knitted bag * turquoise & brown knitted bag *4 Card scrapping challenge - technically not an OPAM * Filing cabined make over (also technically not an opam)
  • FEBRUARY - PS I love you Cushion *Sheriff Quilt of Love *Butterfly Quilt of Love *McQueen T-shirt refashion
  • JANUARY - no finishes


OPAM 2010

  • DECMEBER *Tree decorations *Reindeer Skirt *Button Tree Bag
  • NOVEMBER *Breast Care Bags *Marcie 40th Quilt
  • OCTOBER *Mave's 80th Quilt
  • SEPTEMBER *Vines in the Garden bed quilt
  • AUGUST * Grandma's heart Cross stitch *Christmas Paths cushion *Sam's Caterpillar Quilt *Bon-bon cushion *Mrs McGilvray's Baby Quilt
  • JULY *Denim Scramble Quilt *Pick a Pocket Purse *Kitchen sink size Pick a pocket purse
  • JUNE*Orchids for Sylvia *Log Cabin Cushions *Nanna's "grandma" bag *Rainbow Nine - Injune Creek Patchwork Challenge
  • MAY *Converged Crossroads Quilt
  • APRIL Wedding Quilt with 2/3H
  • MARCH *Brown Tree *Blue Feather Tree *Funky Red Wool Tree *Blessing Tree
  • FEBRUARY*Shaggy Bags *Library Bag & Sheet Set for E *Pop pom wool bag *Baa Baa Black Sheep Bag
  • JANUARY * Cindy Bean Bag *Book Coverin
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