Monday, March 31, 2014

The End of March

Well  it is the end of March & I have sewn like a machine.
Why can't I keep up this momentum during the year??? HMMM - I obviously need a deadline.

The next finish is a quilt for my wonderful friend Becc.

This is a sneak peak of it on O-me. 
 See that yellow thing there - it has made using O-me so much easier.  I can't believe how one little gadget to help get the bobbin out has made life so much easier (that goodness). Prior to this I had to use long nose tweezers, hold my tongue just right & if I was lucky grow a 3rd hand.  So thank you to the inventors of Ezi-bob.  
(I purchased mine HERE the one in the photo looks different, but this is what I got below.)
 Sorry now back to Becc's Quilt.
"Friendship Jelly" was made in 2012 while Becc was pregnant with baby #2.  Bubs came along & they left town taking an unfinished quilt with them.   In early 2013 I offered to quilt it for Becc, so it came home with me.  Then WE moved house & it was packed away.  Now early 2014, I have a quilt show looming & desperately need quilts to exhibit & I remembered it was there.  A quick message to Becc to check her requirements & a request to exhibit it & "Friendship Jelly" was on O-me being quilted.
Now bound, labelled & ready to hang.  I hope Becc likes the quilting when she gets it back.

My next finish "Little Boxes, Little Boxes"
 This quilt top was made to demonstrate the beautiful "Bunny Hill" half jelly rolls from Moda that I sell in my market stall.

If you look closely you can see the top in the back of this photo 
At the beginning of March while trying to 'unearth' O-me I found some offcuts from my Bargello Quilt made in 2010.  I realised that they matched the Little Boxes, so they became borders.
A quick couple of hours on O-Me and it was finished.

The day I photographed it was overcast & we had lovely clouds so I played around a bit with my photos.

This quilt is lovely but I expect it will end up back on my market stall for sale. 
(After it visits the Quilt Show.)

These finishes have been added to my OPAM count for March & make my finish total on Sew it's Finished up to 5 for 2014.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Back and Creating

My last post mentioned something about blog changing etc, etc.     Well............. that is happening............ somewhere in the background. 

Time is my obstacle and I think I will be enlisting the help of a computer literate friend.

However the reason time has been my obstacle is I have been sewing!!!!!

I managed to find my quilting frame & quilt something or two AND I have a deadline.
 O-me and I have been spending quite a bit of time together recently.

(This is far from the most flattering photo, but it shows I am quilting.  I must admit I am enjoying it.
This was the 1st quilt off the block.  I was a little unsteady at this point. (Photo courtesy of Mr 9))

 Now that deadline I mentioned. 
 I am one of the 2 Co-ordinators of our Quilt Show. 
 I think it is important I actually have quilts.

So where to begin.

"The Toy Box"
The first quilt on the frame. This quilt top was made by Bev Dingwall from patchwork & I was to quilt & bind.  It has been in my house for almost 12 months, but got packed and didn't resurface until recently.  So glad I found it.  I was feeling a bit guilty that it wasn't done.  It will be added to the club "Care Quilt" collection to be given to someone in need.

"Send in the Clowns"
 was also made as a Care Quilt for the Roma Patchwork Club collection.  I pieced this one from a curtain off-cut found in the club fabrics.  Those clowns were just so cute.
 when paired with left over rainbow spot fabrics it is so happy.  The spots were from a quilt we made for a school teacher.  I also quilted this on O-me.
I must say it is nice to get some finishes.  Nice to get back into quilting and really nice to finally be able to give these quilts away (after the quilt show that is ).

Be back again soon.  I have finished 5 things in March.

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