Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fast February and Frantic Finishes

Well I can safely say that it is a good thing that February had 29 days this year as I needed today to claim my OPAM finishes for the month.

February has gone so fast for us.  Now that may have been influenced by this...

flooding and cleaning up
 or possibly this knee operation and subsequent lack of mojo
So having having had no desire to sew, or quilt, or even hand sew I didn't think I would get anything made.  However on the weekend when I was going stir crazy my wonderful hubby told me to "GO SEW".  So after unearthing my sewing table from accumulated stuff I found a quilt that I should have finished last year & got to work.

The resulting quilt is my only February finish, just in the nick of time.

"Junior Campus Hands"
 This quilt was started late last year with children from my boys' school.  The children were from Prep to year 3 and they all stitched the outline of their hand onto a block and I joined and quilted the quilt.

I love some of the tiny hands and the lovely hand-writing.  One of the little Preppies even wrote their name backwards (middle yellow block below) and it has been captured forever.  It is a cute 'snapshot' of a moment in time.
 There are 2 large hands in the quilt.  The Head of Campus and Head of Early Phase of learning were stitched too.
 and to complete the layout, a school logo cut form an old school shirt.
I think it turned out quite well and as of this weekend, it should be hanging in the school office.

And because I realised I hadn't posted "Future Hunk" T-shirt finish from January -  here it is.

.  Now to explain my eldest child is a 9 year old boy and as any mother of boys will know, once your children are out of size 6 clothes, the only available designs are skulls, skater dude and other 'older' images.  T does not like these and neither do I, so when we were on holidays in January we found a cute "Smurf" baby shirt that he asked me to 'make bigger'.
T loves his shirt and someone always makes a cute comment when he wears it.

Hopefully March will see me back on schedule with some creative finishes.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Aussie Hero Quilts

I have discovered this great blog.

Aussie Hero Quilts are making quilts for Australian Soldiers in Afghanistan.

These ladies are doing a wonderful job and hopefully some Aussie soldiers will be much warmer this year.

Now I just need to get onto that sewing.

Please pop over to Aussie Hero Quilts and see how you can help.

Christmas Treats

This Christmas past (2011) I was spoilt with 'crafty' presents. 

I felt really spoilt, so I thought I should share the pressies with you.

My wonderful husband bought this vintage style lace holder made from lovely silky oak timber. (My parents think it looks like a silk worm silk spinner). 
 I will have to remember to photograph the winder with lace on it.
 5 patchwork books from my sister that I had been 'online' stalking.

 and Mum found this piece of Quilty fabric in her Local Quilt Shop.
 a bundle of Christmas fat quarters from Karyn - her plan is that I will sew something from it (hopefully for her)
 And this gorgeous jely roll and layer cake from my in-laws. 
It is all red, white and blue with 'stitched' designs on them. 
 This cute book is full of 'quilty quotes' and biblical quotes about families and quilting.
Thanks Bindi.
I am a very lucky quilter.  Thanks to my family and friends I have lots of new things to do.

Monday, February 6, 2012


To everyone who contacted us during the floods thank you.  For everyone who has prayed for us and our town. Thank You.  Please continue to pray for the grieving people of Roma. The family of Jane as they deal with laying her to rest, the residents who have nothing left, please pray for them.  As a community who are trying to rebuild please pray for them.

We now wait to find out how residents in our neighbouring towns have fared.  Mitchell - beginning clean up today & St George, waiting for the full force of the flood to hit.

Pray and help however you think you can.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

We are okay

An update from yesterday.  We are okay and our house is okay.  We waded in to our house today to find that it had just missed the floorboards (hallelujah).  We still have heaps of mess to clean up but we are safe and happy.

Our concern now is for a mum from town who has washed away.  Please keep her and the rescuers in your prayers. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Prayers please

My home is in Roma Qld.

We are currently in flood and my family have been evacuated.  Thankfully we have friends on high ground and our family (dogs included) are safe.

Many of our neighbours and friends will lose most of thier posessions and this will cause long term stresses.

Please keep praying for all of us and our friends in Roma, Mitchell and beyond.
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