Monday, April 29, 2013

A quilt for a soldier

ANZAC Day saw me finishing another Aussie Hero Quilt.
 This is it on O-me.
 and finished.

This is heading of to a RAAF member in Afghanistan.
This laundry bag is going with it.

I was on such 'a roll' after quilting the airplane quilt I decided to piece together another row quilt.
 These are the feature Aussie fabrics in the quilt.
I hope to get this one on O-me too soon to send off to a soldier somewhere.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Recycling & Repurposing

Last week I had the desire to just make something.

I dug around and found this dress that is lovely but 'not me'
 and a pair of old jeans with a great pin tucked detail down the front.
 After a bit of 'playing'
 I have a reversible apron
(Thanks for modelling Gayle)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

ANZAC Day 2013

Another ANZAC Day is upon us.
Our family attended the town march and service.
It never ceases to amaze me how great an understanding and appreciation of our servicemen and women my boys have.
I am sure the future generation will keep our traditions alive.
Thank you to all serving Australians both past & present.
I will be spending my afternoon working on my Aussie Hero Quilt to let another soldier know he is thought of by people here at home.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Whoo has been sewing??


Why me of course.

These little fellows have been hanging out in my house since last year (or maybe even the year before that).

They were appliqued on but not sewn.

Well not any more.  Last night these 2 were sewn into pot holders
and now they can watch the goings on in the kitchen
 and let me know if something is burning.
 and these 3 were finished off this morning.

That big orange one looks like an 'angry bird' rather than an owl.

So that is 5 more finishes for April and 5 bits of 'stuff' out of the mess.  I think the orange ones will be going into my stall stock and I will decide about the red ones after the local show.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An Alien, A UFO and a finish??

This is one of those finishes that you just want to slap your forehead and say Durrh - why did you wait to do that??
Back in October we visited "The Dish" in Parkes NSW as part of our school holiday excursion.
While we were there we found these adorable shirts with aliens on them and both boys wanted one.
Unfortunately for T, he does not fit 'kid' clothes anymore, so I promised him I would cut up his alien shirt and stitch it onto a shirt that did fit properly.

So after 5 months of sitting on the table I cut, I sewed, I finished.
 (And it took only 5 MINUTES, only 5 minutes, arrrgh)
I have one EXCITED boy with a unique shirt.
 Durrh - why did I wait so long to do finish this??

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