Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Care Quilt Collection is growing

Yesterday at Roma Patchwork a few more care quilts were added to the Care Quilt Pile to be donated to our local Neighbourhood Centre to distribute to people in need in our community.  After the flood in February (about 6 weeks ago) the number of families in need has increased greatly.

This striking stripy quilt makes me think of "in the Navy"
 And this colourful fish quilt was made by one of our most experienced members, Bev, who quilts prolifically.  It is so colourful.  I am sure a child will love it.
 And this is the beginnings of another kids quilt that I dug out of the donated fabrics yesterday.  
The clown material was from a curtain fabric and I love the happy orange blocks.
If you feel the need to sew.  We will never turn down extra quilts for the cause.
Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Creative Friends, Finishes, Progress and OPTICAL ILLUSION

Lets' start with a couple of creations by the ladies from Roma Patchwork.

This is Jill's block of the month sampler (who's official name has slipped my mind). 
 It is massive and Jill hopes to quilt it on her domestic machine.
 Maibry's Twisted bargello.
This was started in the workshop in October 2010, but she has taken it so much further. 
 Just stunning Maibry.
(Maibry on Left, Jill on Right)
A quilt I made about 3 1/2 years ago that has been sitting waiting for quilting.
 I pieced the backing last week (and for something involving  pink, I don't think it is too bad.)  I hope to get this quilted on O-me this week.
 A FINISH. Yes this is a fully quilted and bound Care Quilt to add to the Roma Patchwork & Crafters stash of quilts to distribute this winter (or sooner if this cool weather keeps up)

 and a close up of the fabrics and quilting. 
 It was made from a layer cake called "Coming Home" by Deb Strain for Moda Fabrics
 This is the quilt that was on O-me over the weekend.  Another care quilt for the club.
 And I am very proud to say that "OPTICAL ILLUSION" IS FINISHED.
 I love it.  What started as an accident and a piece of fabric that I hated has turned into a lovely quilt. 
 (Please ignore the apparently big head according to this photo, it is boofy hair and camera flash.)
 This is a close up of the quilting done by me on O-me.
This has been a great week of constructive work with two finishes to add to OPAM and much progress on other quilts.  I have more to show you, but they are not quite finished, they will be (hopefully this week) as they are Aussie Hero Quilts. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

A new friend, Optical Illusion and quilting

I'd like you to meet a new friend.

This is :"O-me".  Some may consider this short for Janome, but I have named this beast of a machine O-me due to the number of times I have said "O-me, O-my, what have I done now"
 Now O-me has lived in our house for over 12 months (probably more like 18 months) but we have not particularly been on speaking terms.  That changed this weekend.  I sucked it up and just got in and got to know her.  Now like all females she can be a bit temperamental, but so can I.
 O-me helped me quilt 2 quilts that had been sitting & waiting and a third is ready to go, I just need backing fabric.  Now I am not claiming that O-me and I are having no issues, but we are definitely getting more comfortable with each other.

This photo is just for my Mum as she mentioned that I never appear in any photos on the blog.   As I was not planning on photos, I am in my best outfit with 'perfect' hair.
 And as hubby wanted to be artistic with the camera, this is the view of O-me from over my shoulder.
PS. That quilt you see on O-me is my Optical Illusion quilt.  Should have the binding finished tonight, so I can post a finish for you.  YEAH.

Friday, March 9, 2012

"A Woman's Escape through... Patches and Threads"

Is on now in Injune, Queensland.  
This exhibit is a collection of works by members of Roma Patchwork & Crafters Inc.

This photo was at the very beginning of set-up.  Jill & Maibry are down the back corner hanging the quilt.
 And the finished result.
A close up of a few exhibits.  
Bev's Butterfly Garden - hand dyed fabrics with beaded butterflies stitched onto the  blocks,
Gayle's Patches in paper gift cards & Pauline's Bucket Bags.
 Our raffle quilt.  The proceeds from this raffle will be donated to Roma SES.  Raffle drawn at the Roma Show on 12 May.
 Another corner of the gallery.
 And some more
all the works on the table were made using the same ruler/technique.  Very different.
that big 'swoopy' quilt is a Bargello
looking from the back door to the front corner.
"A woman's escape"  to her chair with her stitching, a cuppa and some magazines.

A stunning Mariner's compass and traditional hexagon quilt.

 and just other shots for your enjoyment (ok, for my enjoyment)


 The exhibit came together really well.  I hope it has lots of visitors who enjoy it too.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Publishing, running and going nowhere

I had a most constructive weekend this weekend.  I managed to make 2, yes 2 table runners

This pretty one is a gift and will be off in the mail soon
 Look at the lovely fabric used for the centre and triangles. It has doves, crosses and "The greatest of these is Love" a great reminder for Easter.
 The second will be heading off to the Easter in the Country Mayoral Breakfast this Easter.  Hopefully someone will like it as much as I do, if not, I will bring it home to grace my table for the Easter season.
 check out the cute eggs on the fabric. They almost look like you could unwrap and eat them.
 And then, my long awaited Book .....

2011~ The Blog of Outback Crafter
 It arrived in the mail from Sharedbook and I love it.  It might not be a best seller world wide (hard to sell with only 1 copy) but I love it and I love looking at what I have done creatively in the last 12 months.
I am really creatively energised right now.  I hope it lasts.  I am enjoying flitting between my sewing machine, and computer.

A Stitching Son...

This butterfly was made by E.
He was very excited on Saturday when we were in our local Crazy Clarkes as we found a couple of sewing kits.  He was even more excited because one was a butterfly.  So after a few hours and some glue drying time (eye attachment etc) we had a very proud boy.
 So proud and driven in fact that this is what greeted me before school today.
"I have stitching to do" he declared when asked to pack his bag.

I love his enthusiasm, if not his timing.
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