Monday, January 31, 2011

A free online magazine to read

For those of you who love a good read, you have to go and check out this FREE Australian online Quilt magazine.  It is full of different articles and information suitable for both the beginner and the expert and it is in PDF format so you can save the issue to your computer if you so wish.
The girls at Online Quilt Magazine have a personal wish to see 50 000 subscribers.  Pop over and register to receive this magazine.  You won't be disappointed (how can you when it is free) but if you are, then you can unregister at any time.

Oh I thought you should know, I am in no way affiliated with the magazine other than I enjoy reading it and it is where those cute Christmas tree decorations came from last year.  Enjoy

(Some fabric yummy-ness for you to enjoy)

Keep Calm and ....

Sometimes when surfing the web you just come across a site that makes you laugh.  This was one of those sites.

Based on the British Government slogan "Keep Calm and Carry On."
 On this site I created my current slogan

 and for my friend Colleen
(Darn that Bargello).

For those of you who don't know the "Keep Calm" story it was a slogan produced by the British Government for use if they were invaded in WWII. Needless to say they didn't need the slogan, but it had a resurgence in the last few years after bookstore owners found the original flyer and made copies of it for sale.  The whole story is on the website.

Go on - go and see how Calm you are.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

OPAM 2011

Those of you who have read my blog for a little while would have heard me mention OPAM.  Well it is back for 2011.  The wonderful Kris from Tag Along Teddies and her mate Pam have launched OPAM again and this year I am officially registered YEAHH. 

OPAM means One Project A Month.  Try to complete one project a month.  It might be a UFO, a WIP a PHD or a something you want to start, but the aim is to finish one project a month and be accountable to someone.  That is where the registration part comes in.  The 200 registered OPAMers have to send their finishes in to be counted in the major count.  See the OPAM button over there on the side, that will update at the end of each month with the number of finishers that the registered OPAMers have done.

(Remember this beanbag cushion?  It was my first project of 2010.  I still love it and hope to get a few different ones made this year) (No this picture does not necessarily relate to this post, but a picture brightens things up)

Last year I was an unofficial OPAMer and it was great at the end of the year to look at my list of finishes and see what I had done.  It often feels like I have made nothing, but having somewhere and someone to be accountable to, helps keep it in perspective.

So if you thought you'd like to join OPAM race over to Kris at Tag Along Teddies and see if there are any spaces left.  Even if it is full, follow along, you never know what inspiration you might receive.

Now off to find my sewing table before I get the boys from school (well okay, let's be realistic, off to begin to find my sewing table.  The pile is way too high to sort through in 1 hour)

More good luck

As I mentioned in my last post, there were many craft blogs working to raise money for flood victims.  Well the wonderful Vikki from Sew Useful Designs decided to Auction a set of "Springtime" patterns by Gum Tree Designers for Fresh Hope Patterns.

(photo from Sew Useful Designs)

These lovely patterns are now winging their way to my house.  As an Auction, Vikki had asked that the winning bid be paid directly to the Premier's Flood appeal and the receipt sent to Vikki as proof.  So that is what happened.  I got the patterns I was going to buy any way and due to Vikki's generosity, the money went to the flood appeal.
I am excited and looking forward to beginning to stitch these "Springtime Designs".

Back for 2011

Well it is hard to believe that January is almost over and this is my first blog entry for 2011. I guess the business of school holidays and the desire to spend that time with my kids has been a much higher priority than blogging.

Our family had a lovely Christmas even with the sudden change of plans due to Queensland flooding.  I was overwhelmed to come home and read all of the fundraising efforts being put together by so many in the blogging community.

I fell in love with a few of the things on offer and was pleasantly surprised when I won a raffle run by Sew Useful Designs.  Vikki raffled her latest published creation ("Are we there yet" Travel Caddy)  that I had been dying to make.  And I won.  I am so very excited and a little speechless. 

(photo from Sew Useful Designs)
Now I can hear you asking, "How does this help the flood victims?", to enter we had to make a $5 donation to the Premier's flood appeal and send Vikki our receipt number.  I don't consider myself a lucky person and usually avoid raffles, but this travel caddy will come in handy and  I am sure hubby will appreciate me not scruffing around the centre console of the car looking for my bits and pieces.

So many thank yous again to Vicki for her generosity.  Collectively all the raffles/ auctions run by crafty bloggers raised just over $99 000. That is awesome.

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