Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Show is on its way!!

Yes, next week sees the Roma Show come to town and we are fairly excited. 
I am putting the finishing touches on my craft entries and the boys are working on their LEGO creations.

This little quilt is about 50cm x 50cm and it is a tribute to the 125th Annual Roma Show
It is a remake of an old design of mine with a bit of tweaking.

This is my favourite part of the quilt.  
The fireworks. 
We love fireworks, they are an essential part of any show.

And the excitement of children as they try to look at everything
And of course, the pavilion I most like to visit at any show... The handicrafts & cooking pavilion
The centre photo is from an old newspaper. It is printed on an iron on transfer as that is what I had in the house.
I decided the bull should be grand champion.
It is fun sometimes making a quilt 'just because'
AND this means a show entry & and OPAM.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blue and White Complete

A few posts ago I showed you my blue & white inspiration to help me work on a Blue & White Quilt for a Bloke.  

Well the quilt is finished and handed over to the person who commissioned it.  She loves it and hopefully the brother it is a gift for will love it too.

Here is "Blue Shaggy Bloke".

 It is a full queen size with room to tuck over the pillows and a full block down each side.
I am happy with how it came out.  It just took a while for it to fall into place.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scarf Complete

You may recall a few blog posts ago, I was knitting to keep my self occupied while worrying about my Grandmother.  Well, while I was in Brisbane for her funeral, I started knitting a scarf.  Why a scarf, because the one in the pattern book looked cool (and easy).

This is spiral scarf from Australian Better Homes & Gardens knitting supplement of a really recent issue (sorry have misplaced the magazine so have no idea what number.)

It was really easy to knit and quite a talking point when people saw me knitting.
It is nice, it is heavy and if I knitted another one, I would knit a 'flat' spot at the back to go around my neck.  It is a little bit bulky, but I like it.

Now please don't bag the pictures.  My family struggle to use my camera so I tried a self  portrait in the mirror.  It looks like a photo of my camera and it is blurry but just focus on the curly scarf.
 and this one might be a little bit better.
So another OPAM to add to the list.

Bottle trees & goodbyes.

Tuesday night saw the UFO Crafters' farewell one of our original members.  
Denise is leaving us for ocean views.

Look how happy we all are (no that doesn't mean we want to get rid of her, just we were having a good time together)

Here is the tree up close.  As we are a combination of sewers and scrappers, we used both sewing and scrap booking to create the tree.

and a close up of some of the detail.  I love our 'carving' in the tree trunk.  We call ourselves UFO crafters, Denise thinks we should be PhD crafters as it sounds more impressive. (PhD is Projects half done).  If we go for PhD I could claim to have many PhDs to my name.
We hope this tree always brings a smile to Denise's face & we will miss her.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blue inspiration

This week I am supposed to be making a quilt.
  A "Blue" bloke quilt to be exact.

However I am being challenged by the pile of scrap fabrics I have been given & the fact I have 2 sick children at home.
So I decided I would hunt my house for some "Blue" inspiration.  So I raided the china cabinets, and little knick-knack spots  in our house to create a Blue shelf or 3
 Yes I know these aren't "Blokey" blue, but I really enjoyed bringing these pretties out into the light.
 No rhyme or reason.  Just Blue.
Hope you are finding your inspiration today.
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