Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time for more bags

 Well my fingers have been kept busy a little bit more over the last few days & more bags have joined the bag family.  
Unfortunately for the markets we had 5" of rain yesterday and the friend who was taking my bags couldn't go due to concerns of stock damage.  Thankfully for town, we had 5" of rain.  Such is life.

So please meet "Miss PINK"
 Miss Calming Blue (with the adorable clear bubble handles)
 and a friend of mine from last year "Serious Black" who had a make-over with some new handles & is now "Funky Black".  {Funky Black lives in my wardrobe}
These bags have been great 'therapy' for me and will probably be so for a few more weeks. 

The wonderful woman who loved to knit and share her skills and love with the family (my Nanna) died last night.  She would have loved these bags & she loved that I was using my creative skills.  I will miss her greatly but she has left a lasting legacy in sharing of skills with us.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bags, Bags, Bags

Bags, Bags, Bags  there are bags everywhere in our house at the moment.  I have been knitting to keep myself occupied while awaiting news of my ill Grandmother.  

Nanna (91) was a knitter for most of her life and has only stopped knitting in the last 5 or so years as her age has moved on.

This cow bag was being knitted when I visited  Nanna in hospital a few weeks ago.  
What do you think, cow or Dalmatian?
 Then an elegant brown, white & grey.
 And a beautiful pink/red and brown. (The photo doesn't do it justice, the brown wool is as dark as the handle). This is the front
 and the back of the same bag

and tan/turquoise and chocolate with funky handles. (once again the colours are wrong but it is gorgeous)
 and the back of the same bag.
All these beautiful bags will hopefully find new homes on the weekend as they are going to the "Roma Growers and Artisans Market" so for $25 each they will hopefully be going to new homes. 

I think Nanna would be impressed  that I have been knitting.  It is easy to do and doesn't require too much attention so I have been 'feeling' my way along the rows.

See you at the markets. (Are you impressed Susan, they are for sale)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A scrapping challenge

As you may be aware I am  NOT  a scrapbooker.  In a past life I did stamping & card making, but I don't consider myself to be a Scrapbooker.

However my friends Gayle & Brooke from Scrap 4 Fun issued a challenge to make 4 greeting cards from a range of 4 double sided scrapping papers. { LUXE Cocktail dress series included papers called "Martini:, "Manhattan", "Cosmopolitan" & "Mojito" they were all designs in olive green, red, black & white. (I didn't think to photograph them before I started.  Maybe Gayle will pop the photos onto Scrap 4 fun}

So I set to work with the most out there design of the lot. And created "Be Unique"

Then a lot of fiddling and deliberating resulted in "Believe"
While the prettiest fabric paper of the lot resulted in "Leave a trail"
And then because the cocktail theme of the pages would not leave my head I created "Birthday Cocktail?"
(Shame about the shiny flashback)
So all in all, it was a bit of fun & yes it was a challenge.  Hubby is glad I don't scrap all the time as our table is covered in tiny bits of paper.
Thanks Gayle & Brooke it was only fair I take your challenge after trying to convert Gayle to a patchworker.

Friday, March 11, 2011

How to avoid filing

How to avoid filing.....
Simple, find a craft to do that uses your filing cabinet.

Enter the sad looking filing cabinet (sorry only remembered to photograph after I had started)
Grab some Mod Podge and a f Fat Quarters and you are on your way to beauty.
a little more Mod Podge and another at Quarter and we are getting somewhere
Now some cotton lace from the stash to finish off the drawers
And we are done.  From drab filing cabinet obvious in my lounge room to lovely fabric art.
And now I have to go back to filing.

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