Friday, January 29, 2010

Jigsaw puzzle anyone?

Wrapped and ready to go. I am very proud of this bean bag/ footrest.
(Note. I even made a puzzle piece shaped gift card)

OPAM number 2 was made from scratch in the last week and I love it. I found the wonderful pattern at the Quiltlove stand at the Brisbane Craft Fair in October last year. The pattern is designed by Scarlet & Grace Designs. Their pattern is supposed to be made with chenille and seems to be stuffed fairly firmly, but I opted for the green cottons (as Cindy loves green) and one bag of poly beans to make it comfortable to sit on. Works a treat.

It has now been passed onto Cindy who was so pleased she cried (I love that response).

E demonstrates how comfortable it is.
The bean bag/ footrest without E.
Next project, here I come - oh yeah, I need to finish that photobook.

My First OPAM

Yes, I did it. I have completed an opam. WHOO WHO!!.

Well I would like to claim 2 projects actually. As I stated last post I had books to cover, well the boys were off to school on Wed & they had books. I forgot to photograph the covering, but it was great & the boys were involved in their decoration scheme, so that is even better. Don't they look cute walking out our driveway. (No they didn't walk to school, but they were off to show the neighbours their school bags. Oh the joys of childhood.

Monday, January 18, 2010

So this is what blogging is...

Well after many requests from family & friends I have succumbed to blogging.
The final effort to encourage me into blog world was "Tag along Teddies" blog challenge of OPAM (One project a month). Unfortunately by the time I worked out how to make a blog to join the challenge, it was closed, so I will OPAM on my own.
With the boys heading back to school in a week and me becoming a stay at home mum with no kids I hope to catch up on the incomplete tasks of the last 7 years. (This will of course occur in conjunction with all the usual Mum things & class help at school)
My first objective is to finish covering the school books (does that count as OPAM?) T has decorated his own with stickers & I just have to contact them.
Then onto the photobook of E's year 2009. Yes, a photobook of the entire year of events and achievements. I have vouchers that expire in early Feb, so that is good motivation to get in and get it done. I publish photo books throug
h My Reflections they offer amazing service and good quality 'coffee table books' and they are an Australian small business based just outside of Perth.
So onto the OPAMs I must go. And I have to work out what comes next in blog land.
Keep Crafting
Outback Crafter

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