Monday, January 18, 2010

So this is what blogging is...

Well after many requests from family & friends I have succumbed to blogging.
The final effort to encourage me into blog world was "Tag along Teddies" blog challenge of OPAM (One project a month). Unfortunately by the time I worked out how to make a blog to join the challenge, it was closed, so I will OPAM on my own.
With the boys heading back to school in a week and me becoming a stay at home mum with no kids I hope to catch up on the incomplete tasks of the last 7 years. (This will of course occur in conjunction with all the usual Mum things & class help at school)
My first objective is to finish covering the school books (does that count as OPAM?) T has decorated his own with stickers & I just have to contact them.
Then onto the photobook of E's year 2009. Yes, a photobook of the entire year of events and achievements. I have vouchers that expire in early Feb, so that is good motivation to get in and get it done. I publish photo books throug
h My Reflections they offer amazing service and good quality 'coffee table books' and they are an Australian small business based just outside of Perth.
So onto the OPAMs I must go. And I have to work out what comes next in blog land.
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