Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another Aussie Hero Finish

Last time I posted, I mentioned making progress on this quilt...
 Well it became a top, it waited for a backing fabric to arrive, and then it waited for my MOJO to come back.  However on Sunday, I sucked it up an popped the quilt onto O-me
It is now FINISHED and has been sent to it's recipient on board HMAS Toowoomba 

If you click on the picture you may be able to see the quilting  in the white rows it says:

Thank you
Thank you
 The fabrics are denim off cuts, a nautical theme print, a white with tiny red spots, an Australian Flag tea towel and red sashings.

The backing for this quilt took me quite out of my comfort zone.  Jan-Maree the wonderful organiser of Aussie Hero Quilts asked if I would mind backing it in this donated fabric as the guy it was for loves cartoons.  I must admit however that Sponge bob Square pants is one of my least favourite cartoons, so this backing was a challenge for me.
 I could argue that Sponge Bob and his pink friend rocked the boat so much that they made it crooked,but I think that was me.  Oh well.  I'm sure he will love it anyway and it is sort of funny (the phrase is appropriate for a ship)

Travel quickly quilt and may you bring enjoyment to the sailor you were made for.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The waves are rolling in....

March 9 & 10 saw me holed up in the Roma Patchwork room attending a workshop with Julie Latcham of Cow Paddocks Patchwork Dulacca.

"All the Wave" was the order of the weekend.  Now for those of you that have been blogging with me for a while, you may recall I went to Injune to do this workshop a few years ago.  Well - I never quite finished it, so I thought another weekend would mean I have a quilt top (or something) to work with.
  {I have just gone through by blog history and this workshop was PRE-BLOG wow 4 years did seem to go fast.}

Now after trolling through the photos on my external hard drive, these are the only photos I can find of my progress from that weekend.

Here I have loose blocks in a possible layout
 and the group shot of the 'brave Injune ladies'
 Now Fast Forward to earlier this month.  I had made a bit more progress in the last 4 years (all off this is joined)

 A fellow 'wavy soul' Leanne, wondering why she had let me talk her into this.
(Nice shirt Leanne - great quilt design in that shirt)
 and Vera our quiet achiever of the weekend

This photo of Melanie's beautiful Batik blocks really shows the WAVE in the seams.  Cool hey?
 At the end of 2 long days, this is what we had to show for ourselves.
Cecily's blocks take on a completely different look depending on which way they are held - cool - it is a bit like a path
 Leanne's sunflower garden is almost creating a spiral effect

Melanies Beautiful under the sea batiks.
Vera our quiet achiever and her lovely flower garden
Me and the 4 year challenge
 A full length
 And all of us with Julie (front right) our tutor.

Thanks for a great weekend ladies.  
I learnt a lot, 
I laughed a lot 
I finished my quilt top.  

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March is marching 2x2 hurrah, hurrah... March is marching...

My last post of work was in February and I posted "Has anyone seen February?"  I almost wanted to write that for March.  Wow the days are marching by aren't they?

I have been busy- ish.

First up, we had a young friend who turned 5 in early March and we had purchased a Pegasus toy for her, so I decided to make her a pillow case inspired by the Pegasus.  I am assured she loves both the toy and the pillow. (Yeah - happy dance here)
Then a week later E (my youngest) was invited to a birthday party for a friend from school.  We had found a copy of the "Cars 2" Novel, so I drew (traced) a Mater pillow case for him too.  Young Charlie wanted to know if I drew it, I was so impressed, but I did tell him I had to trace as my drawing skills are not that great.
A bit more progress on the 'care quilt' mentioned in my last post.  
However it appears it is going to be an Aussie Hero Quilt instead.

 Now this next finish is one I am very proud of.  In my UFO box was a "Jelly Roll Race" quilt from a couple of years ago,  that I just needed to quilt.  It has just sat..... and sat ..... and sat.

Until, Jan-Maree of Aussie Hero Quilts put out a request for quilts for Chaplains in Afghanistan.  The idea sprang to mind so fast I almost got a headache from the impact. 
 I thought I could applique an Australia with a cross on top of the Jelly roll race.

So I stitched black bias tape onto the quilt
 loaded it onto O-me and quilted
 And here it is
 I am so proud of this quilt.  I don't know why, it is really no different to any other Aussie Hero Quilt I have made, but it has a special place in my heart.  I hope it brings comfort to the Chaplain and his fellow soldiers.

Just a little shot of how I have spent at least 1 afternoon every week this month.  
Swimming lessons, a great time to embroider.
See you again soon.

I have a few more finishes (shock I know).

Goodbye Google Reader Hello Bloglovin

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Just having to claim my blog so I can have followers on Bloglovin

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February???? Hello has anyone seen February???

Is it just me or did someone lose February??

I am sure I have only just mastered writing dates like 04/02/13 - how can it be that I am now writing 04/03/13??

I was constructive in Feb ( I think) unfortunately most of what I did is still unfinished.
Let's have a look.

This is the Lucy's Crab Shack Layer cake quilt with extra length, now waiting for quilting, it is destined to be a care quilt.
 This is my February front wreath decor.  A tribute to Valentines, Day but focused on the greater things of faith, hope and love. ( Um mm just realised I am now in March, might have to change it again.)
 A wonderful parcel I received as a prize.
 This came from the lovely Sharon of Lilabelle Lane  I was so excited.  Sharon had hosted a giveaway for a Pattern from Thimble Blossoms.  The lovely Camille  has a blog entitled "Simplify" and she designs amazing patterns, so that was all the motivation I needed to enter the giveaway.  Sharon asked us which Thimble Blossoms pattern we would like if we won,  my answer was "I can't decide, so when I win, surprise me".
He, he, he...... Like I expected the email saying I had won. Yahoo.  I was super excited.  So Sharon did surprise me.
The chosen pattern is "Round and round". Included in the parcel were  2 adorable pincushions made by Sharon herself.  That turtle is made from tiny tiny hexagons that are stitched by hand. Way too cute to put pins in.  E (my almost 8 year old) keeps stealing the turtle as he has a thing for animals.

There is also a baby charm pack. The squares are only 2.5".  Adorable hey??
Thank you so much Sharon.  I am touched.

Now onto other progress.
This quilt has 'come out of ' the scraps in the patchwork room.  I am seeing boy care quilt.
 And I finally managed to stitch faces onto E's kangaroos.  I am relieved they are done and E is glad they are finished. They do look cuter with faces.
Well that is one OPAM for Feburary, a bit of progress and one happy prize winning me.

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