Friday, July 29, 2011

Springtime is getting closer.....

Oh yes it is.  He in Australia we are only 1 month off Spring and if you believe the locals here in Roma, we are in for an early spring.  I am not so sure about that as we are still having minus temperatures, but if that happens, it happens.

"Springtime" is getting closer in my house however as I have finished more blocks in my "Springtime" Quilt.

This is Block 4 "Honey Bees" designed by Judith Tetley of Creative Studio.  
I love this block as it is a 'real' bee hive.  Cecily one of my UFO Craft ladies 'grows' bees and said it is nice to see a hive like we use in Australia, not a curvy American bush bee hive.
 Block 5 designed by Elizabeth Reynolds (daughter of Jenny of Elefantz).  
I am particularly partial to this block as I have always had a thing for bird houses/cages.
 Block 6 "Catching the View" designed by Dawn Hay of As sweet as cinnamon. This block reminds me to relax. (I really should do something about putting a park bench into my front yard so I can sew while the kids ride.)
 Block 7 "Good Morning Butterfly" designed by Joy Coey of Joypatch. Doesn't that little caterpillar make you smile?
So 7 of 9 blocks are stitched and number 8 is well on it's way thanks to a 2 hour wait in the doctor's surgery on Wednesday.  Not much stitching to go and I will begin piecing.

To make my "Springtime" experience complete look what arrived in the mail the other week.
This is the lovely bespoke label promised by Vikki of Sew Useful Designs when I won the auction earlier this year.  Each of the Gumtree Designers  signed a block that Vikki stitched up into this lovely label.  It is so nice I told hubby that I should put it on the front of the quilt not the back.
Receiving this label was a little bittersweet as it is a sign of a time that was.  The Gumtree Designers (the group of ladies who designed this quilt) are no more. They disbanded earlier this year to go their own 'creative' ways. They are all still working and designing, just not together.  I feel really special to have received such a thoughtful piece.

And remember, I can feel it in the air, Springtime is on it's way.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Twisted no more!!!

Twisted Bargello

I am so excited with this finish.  It was from a workshop in October 2010 and I loved it, but I couldn't convince myself to make it bigger.  It was designed to be about 3 times this size, but I didn't have a home for such a large striking piece.  After many hours of staring at it hanging on my wall on a piece of dowel with raw edges, I decided to mount it on canvas and I love it.

So many thanks to Julie of Cow Paddocks n Craft, Dulacca Qld for showing me the ropes on Twisted Bargello.  It is really a statement piece and everyone who sees it likes it.  

Best part is.... it is like 2 quilts for 1 as when it is hung the other way up it looks totally different.
(I Just realised you can't read the captions on the photos.
Left: Twisted Bargello the original, I see a waterfall.
Right: Twisted Bargello the second, do you see a river and a lake?) 
Which way do you like it?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Finished Quilt. Yes, shocking I know.

Now, please don't go into shock.  I know that for me to finish 2 quilts completely in what appears to be a matter of days is really shocking, but it has happened thanks to a bit of good luck and good timing.

Now this is Diamonds & Rubies well a snippet of it anyway. I can't show the whole quilt as it is my first entry in the Black & White plus one challenge for Roma Patchwork.

Diamonds & Rubies was quilted by KoolKat Quilting Toowoomba using the design PLASH.  They did a nice job and were super fast.
This photos shows the design in the border.
I love this quilt and have no idea what I will do with it after the challenge (I think I have a Sister who is eyeing it off).  I am even more impressed how fast the whole quilt came together.  Maybe that is what happens when you 'cheat' and use a kit.

Quilt Specifications:
Size 70 x 70"
Pattern: Samuari Squares Stirp Club Pattern by Cozy Quilt Co USA
Fabric: Whatever came in the kit from Sewco Sewing and Patchwork Centre (Not including the borders I purchased them locally)
Quilting by KoolKat Quilting Toowoomba, Qld.

A finished Quilt - yep, completely finished.

It's Finished..... it's finished.... it's finished.

Please meet "Christmas Memories".
Completely finished.  Quilted.  Bound.  Labelled.  Off being valued, FINISHED.

You would recall I blogged about this quilt back in May 2011.

I am so proud of the quilt.  As I feel a real sense of I created this myself, not following someone else's pattern.

It was quilted by the lovely Rosalie of Rose Quilting at Meringandan West.

Look at the quilting detail.  Gum nuts, gum blossoms and eucalyptus leaves.

It is lovely and and I can't wait till this Christmas to put it to use.

Quilt specifications:  Embroidery designs by Heart of Gold Creations, Aspley.  
Fabric: Frosted Memories by Holly Taylor for MODA
Design: Me.
Quilting: Rosalie Waters, Rose Quilting.
Size: 79" x 93"

Artisans in the Gallery is Finished

My apologies it has taken so long to get this post online.   The wonderful Artisans in the Gallery exhibit has come to an end with rave reviews and some very pleased exhibitors. (Myself included).  The photos in this post came from opening night.

My lovely family.
Some of the beautiful pieces on display.
 Cecily & Gloria discussing Gloria's elephant plate in the cabinet.
 The crowd listening attentively to the opening.
 The cast of the Roma Performing Arts production "Grease" presented a few excerpts for our enjoyment.

Thanks to everyone who came to look at the exhibit.  We feel blessed to have had to opportunity to exhibit in Roma on Bungil Gallery and we look forward to the next exhibit.
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