Thursday, July 28, 2011

Twisted no more!!!

Twisted Bargello

I am so excited with this finish.  It was from a workshop in October 2010 and I loved it, but I couldn't convince myself to make it bigger.  It was designed to be about 3 times this size, but I didn't have a home for such a large striking piece.  After many hours of staring at it hanging on my wall on a piece of dowel with raw edges, I decided to mount it on canvas and I love it.

So many thanks to Julie of Cow Paddocks n Craft, Dulacca Qld for showing me the ropes on Twisted Bargello.  It is really a statement piece and everyone who sees it likes it.  

Best part is.... it is like 2 quilts for 1 as when it is hung the other way up it looks totally different.
(I Just realised you can't read the captions on the photos.
Left: Twisted Bargello the original, I see a waterfall.
Right: Twisted Bargello the second, do you see a river and a lake?) 
Which way do you like it?

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