Friday, July 29, 2011

Springtime is getting closer.....

Oh yes it is.  He in Australia we are only 1 month off Spring and if you believe the locals here in Roma, we are in for an early spring.  I am not so sure about that as we are still having minus temperatures, but if that happens, it happens.

"Springtime" is getting closer in my house however as I have finished more blocks in my "Springtime" Quilt.

This is Block 4 "Honey Bees" designed by Judith Tetley of Creative Studio.  
I love this block as it is a 'real' bee hive.  Cecily one of my UFO Craft ladies 'grows' bees and said it is nice to see a hive like we use in Australia, not a curvy American bush bee hive.
 Block 5 designed by Elizabeth Reynolds (daughter of Jenny of Elefantz).  
I am particularly partial to this block as I have always had a thing for bird houses/cages.
 Block 6 "Catching the View" designed by Dawn Hay of As sweet as cinnamon. This block reminds me to relax. (I really should do something about putting a park bench into my front yard so I can sew while the kids ride.)
 Block 7 "Good Morning Butterfly" designed by Joy Coey of Joypatch. Doesn't that little caterpillar make you smile?
So 7 of 9 blocks are stitched and number 8 is well on it's way thanks to a 2 hour wait in the doctor's surgery on Wednesday.  Not much stitching to go and I will begin piecing.

To make my "Springtime" experience complete look what arrived in the mail the other week.
This is the lovely bespoke label promised by Vikki of Sew Useful Designs when I won the auction earlier this year.  Each of the Gumtree Designers  signed a block that Vikki stitched up into this lovely label.  It is so nice I told hubby that I should put it on the front of the quilt not the back.
Receiving this label was a little bittersweet as it is a sign of a time that was.  The Gumtree Designers (the group of ladies who designed this quilt) are no more. They disbanded earlier this year to go their own 'creative' ways. They are all still working and designing, just not together.  I feel really special to have received such a thoughtful piece.

And remember, I can feel it in the air, Springtime is on it's way.

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  1. Hi Debra, thankyou for your nice comment about my 'Springtime Quilt'-"Honey Bees" Block.
    As my heritage is from a long line of family farming, I have seen the beehive that I sketched many times in the paddocks; thus it has a special place in my heart.
    I am so glad you have enjoyed stitching my block design.
    Kind Regards


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