Friday, June 26, 2015

a Sub - stitute quilt

I have a cousin in the navy.

She is a submariner.

Her submarine is going off somewhere this week.  I was desperate to make her a quilt, so I asked the family to send me messages and or photos and I got to work.

Each family member sent a photo or a message.  Below is my hand written message taken as a photograph & printed onto fabric.

 Her adorable cats
 My boys showing off the quilt.

My favourite block.  A tree as she won't see them under the sea.
 The front with appliqued submarines (Collins Class of course, as that is what the Australian Navy use).  I was told that they were 'anatomically' correct, that is a relief as I took a bit of time trying to find the right ones.  There are quite a few different shape submarines out there.
 close up of the subs
 The back, a tumble of Australian Fabrics.
 I love the quilt and I am so glad I could make her such a personal gift with an Aussie twist, inspired by Aussie Hero Quilts.

 This is the photo that was sent when Claire received it.  That face says it all.

A quilt for a sub.  
A quilt to use as a substitute for family & hugs.
A quilt full of love.

Be safe Claire Bear.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

I have Super kids... really

As crafters, you all know the feeling.... "Mum, its (insert event here) tomorrow and I need a costume"
A feeling of dread overcomes you.  You are the Mum who makes stuff.... your child is the one in the handmade outfit.... you've had a migraine all day....the kids give you the big puppy eyes "PLEEEEASE".

That was me a couple of weeks ago on the eve of the school Cross Country.
I had been flat on my back with a migraine for the greater part of the day, I just wanted to curl up in a dark hole.
My response to the eldest son (12) was "I will make capes but you have to  help."
Why did I suggest this when feeling unwell????

I set him up on the over locker to edge the green rectangles - one of them is no longer rectangular and the other had an artistic hole in the middle.

enter the vsleiofix, pinking shears and fabric offcuts to mend the hole.

Applique on some giant letters and we have.....
Arcadia Capes.

 and masks
The Arcadia Avengers are ready to head off to school.
 The capes even flutter in the breeze when scootering.

 By all accounts they had a good day.  The capes & masks did not enhance their performance, but they looked good doing it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It is Show Time

May is show month here in Roma.

I had a few items to enter and decided at the last minute to make a 'novelty pincushion'.

Bee flower was the result.  I chopped up the base of an enviro shopper to make sure the pins don't stab me in the wrist - it is inserted in the base of the flower under the felt.

 Bee hive fabric with a cute beehive button.

 adjustable elastic with a cute bee button to keep it on my wrist.

It does it's job and I don't get stabbed.

The entries at our show were a little light on this year but there were some lovely exhibits.

 Hubby entered a leather belt and pocket knife holder

 My pincushion and the other two in the pincushion section.  I came 2nd.

 Some of the lovely exhibits.

 These 2 quilts were made by my UFO craft group. 
They placed 1st (left) and 2nd (right) n the collaborative quilt section.

 My pinwheel quilt came 1st in the 'quilt' category.
Second was this beautiful bright scrappy quilt by my friend Gayle.  

The boys entered some woodwork

and some LEGO.

This amazing cross stitch of a photograph won the Grand Champion handicraft exhibit.  I have no idea how many stitches it was, but it was stunning.
We entered photos

 and a scarecrow (middle one)

checked out the school display

 and rode the bumper cars.

All in all, a good show.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

April - Anzacs , emotions and OPAM

April - Australia's month of remembrance.
ANZAC Day  25 April 2015
 This is a photo heavy post.  It is important to me, and maybe I've shared a little too much, but it is what I felt I needed to say.
We were able to fly to Brisbane to take the boys to see the Brisbane ANZAC Day march.  We were all excited for different reasons.

It was only the 3rd time the boys have flown, they are finally old enough to understand / appreciate / worry about the flight.  We left school early on Friday to fly to Brisbane.
 E boarded the plane
 and enjoyed the view from the window.

We arrived in Brisbane on Friday night and headed into the city on Saturday to see Granddad march in the parade.  My Dad (Granddad) is a Vietnam veteran and one we are very proud of.  I've only been able to see Dad march in an Anzac parade in person a handful of times.  It was going to be an emotional day.  He didn't march when we were kids and his corp have reunions to coincide with Anzac Day now, so each year they are in a different town for Anzac Day, not to mention that we live 600km away from my parents.
 The boys and Dad before we left home

 my wonderful parents.

 The Shrine of Remembrance in Anzac square Brisbane.  It was so moving, to be permitted inside the shrine and to see all of the memorial tributes laid there.

 Dad & E had a moment of reflection and explanation.

 It was then time for the march, Mum & my sister Susan, had their Aussie flag headband on.

 We clapped, cheered, waved  & thumbs up-ed the service personnel both past & present.

 This it was time for Dad's corp to march past.  Ordnance Field Park Vietnam. 
  This is the only photo I manged to take, I was crying clapping and cheering too hard.

T (my eldest child) clapped for the whole march.  The next day he commented how sore his hand were.

Now, onto the sewing part of the month.
Dad's birthday was in January, I had told him I would make his gift.  I had an idea, I just had to make it a reality and my self imposed deadline was Anzac Day.

As you are aware, I sew quilts for Aussie Hero Quilts.  Mum & Dad are very supportive of my sewing and know the difference that support from home makes to our service personnel.  I decided Dad needed his own Aussie Hero Quilt.

The quilt started with searching the stash for Dad appropriate fabric ... the photos of which seem to have disappeared.....
There were  tape measures & tools for his love of 'handiman' things
Australia maps & Australian town names for his love of travel
some colourful mustache for his love of quirky & the fact I have never seen Dad without facial hair.

I then found some photos of significance for him.

this great photo is from the Australian War Memorial Vietnam Collection, that is Dad in Vietnam at a concert.

This photo was Dad & the boys in the Roma Anzac Day March in 2012
 The other photos were of international locations that Mum and Dad have seen in their travels.

 Was Dad surprised?  Was I a little teary?  Is Dad my Aussie Hero?
Yes, Yes, Yes.

 This quilt is bigger than a regular Aussie Hero Quilt as it didn't need to go overseas in a box.  It is now living in My & Dad's lounge room where it serves a practical purpose.  A quilted hug.

Before we knew it our weekend was over and it was back on the plane to return to Roma for school & work on Monday. 
 Bye Brisbane

 Thanks for being my Dad, Dad.

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