Monday, August 23, 2010

Bon-bons anyone?

On Friday I blogged about my x-block "Christmas paths" cushion and was wondering what to do with my 'leftovers' you can check this out here.

Well no sooner had I finished blogging than inspiration struck & I was back to the sewing area to whip up this project.
However I should know that just 'whipping' it up is never as great as it sounds, so after some sewing; unpicking; making the same mistake again; unpicking again; finally sewing it the right way, I bring you....


"a bolster style cushion with all the trimmings of Christmas including bells & pretzel points"(thanks Rachel - new name for prairie points.)

So another UFO complete and something ready for Christmas.

Sam's Caterpillar Quilt

3 weeks ago there was a new addition to P's family.
A nephew came into the world.
So I duly set to to make him a quilt/ playmat/ "puke catcher".
The quilt was finished in no time but the little quilt has sat around for a week waiting for a label (I know tragic really).
So now it is finished and off in the mail so don't tell Sam, he will see it soon enough.

"Sam's Caterpillar Quilt"
from 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' fabric range inspired by the book. Isn't it cute?

I love 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle.
Every child should know this story.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Christmas Paths

Another project is finished in time for the "Showing of the Quilts".

It is a good feeling to just get another project finished.

This one was a result of trying out the x-block rulers by Patricia Pepe. This cool ruler gives great results and is soooo much fun.
(I love doing the project, I just struggle to quilt & finish the project). Now that this one is finished (yes only 12 months after making the demo for a patchwork class I was teaching) I am hoping to jump into some creations as featured in the "Quilt Queen - Once Upon a time in in x-block land. Now this is an American designer, but her rulers & books are stocked by good Australian stores including our friend Julie at Cow Paddocks Patchwork & Craft.

Now for some background this is how you make an x -block

You start with a regular 9 patch block.
Cut it using the x-block ruler. Keep the little bits that are cut off the side.
Make multiple blocks & play with the layout.
"Red path"
"Various paths"
Settle on the design you like & sew it together. That simple really.

I then used a smaller x-block to create a ribbon border and was intending on adding prairie points to make a table centre, but that was 12 months ago.

Instead, I decided it was big enough to be a cushion cover for our continental cushion.

So................... drum roll please................................ I present..................

"Christmas Paths" a reflection on the many places we often need to be at Christmas and the many comittments we try to fulfil that often leave us confused and a little tangled.
(Don't you just love TJ bear, he is trying to photograph this creation too).

Now I mentioned that you keep the little bits that you cut off the side of the x-blocks, that is so you can make a 'bonus project'. I am not sure what this will be, maybe a small runner(?) still thinking.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Parcel from the Valuer

Well my "Denim Scramble" quilt that was sent off to the valuer has come back after a lovely trip across Queensland and I am happy. $300 valuation for a quilt made from the stash of fabrics that did not necessarily have any other purpose. So I think that is not too bad. The quilt I am referring to was blogged HERE. Now we just need to make sure the tickets in the raffle sell.

Borders & Busy-ness

Well, life in Roma is kicking along & my deadlines are looming for the upcoming "Showing of The Quilts".
The quilt show of Roma patchwork & Crafters Inc.

I am really excited about the show it is shaping up to be a nice display & we are trying a few different things to expand the display & the number of people to come through the door. That is why my mum & I were stitching quilt blocks onto a bright blue cover for my car. (Note - if you are ever somewhere that is cold, these are surprisingly warm - probably because they are some sort of plastic.)

The quilt blocks that I was using were 'orphan' blocks from my stash. You know the one block you make to learn a new technique or the beginning of the sampler quilt that you will never finish.

Anyway, while I was digging out 'orphans' I found a cross stitch that I did when I was about 12 (we think). It was for my Grandmother who has since passed away, but I thought I'd wash it & see if it had any life in it. And it did.

It came up beautifully clean & showing off all my bad stitching & carried threads, so I took it to a friend in town who whipped up a frame for it & I gave it to mum. I couldn't tell if she was impressed or not, I think stunned would be the best phrase. I am excited as this means that I have finished the oldest UFO in my cupboard. YEAH

And now for further progress on my 'Drunk Path' quilt. I chose to sew my centre into ropes or vines & then had to decide on how to lay out my border.

Option one - 1/2 Hexagons

Option 2 - Braid

What do you think. I will post the result of my decision shortly.
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