Sunday, September 10, 2017

A challenge & some scrap busting

At the end of August I attended "Injune's Creative Odyssey", a two day crafting feast hosted by Injune Arts in the little town of Injune, Qld.

Prior to the weekend we had been issued with some voluntary challenges.  A painting challenge and a Fat 1/4 challenge.  The Fat1/4 challenge was to make a cancer care bag using the challenge fabric.  My challenge fabric was the bright 'weave' print.
I was so inspired by how easy the bag was, I set to work making another from scraps from my Ribbon Boxes quilt.  These scraps were just sttitched together to form rectangles and then the bag completed as usual. The way these scraps came togethe still amazes me.  I know they 'went' together because i used them in a quilt, but to have the bag come out so bright and happy & unpredictable was what really surprised me.

My two bags have been sent off to the Cancer Care units in the Toowoomba hospitals along with the other 30 something bags from the weekend.

The second challenge was a mini canvas challenge.  Now I am NOT a painter but I was determined to give it a go.  This was "The effect of Odyssey"

however, I did not like it.  So it was painted over in the orange paint and left to think about its behaviour.  LOL

One week before the challenge was due, inspiration struck me and this was the finished & submitted mini canvas.
A much more appropriate sentiment I think. :)


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