Friday, September 16, 2011

A mamacjt creation is living in my house

I am the fortunate owner of a creation by the very talented mamacjt.
Carol is a talented patchworker/ quilter/ artist and amazingly creative woman.
Carol has been designing a series of "Ladies"  this is #10 in the series.
Do you recognise her?
She has brown eyes, collects miniature sewing machines & birdhouses LOVES Christmas and patchwork.

Look at the detail Carol has stitched into her eyes. They  look so real.
 And the cute lips and little sewing machine earring
Still no idea?

Maybe this will help
 Yes, it is Carol's interpretation of ME.  I am the owner of a mamacjt "Lady" named "DEBRA".
This photo was taken as I opened the box.  I was so excited waiting for it to arrive.  It is so clever and really does represent me.  Now we just need to work out where to put it, my hubby was having enough issues with one of me to deal with.

Thanks Carol.  "Debra" is great. You are very talented.  Go on over to Carol's blog and check out her other ladies.


  1. I like LIKE "Debra". She is cooool. Gayle

  2. Thank you for the glowing compliments, Debra! I had a ball making YOU! I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to use that last photo of you and the quilt on my Flickr page. I think everyone would be amazed at the likeness. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to "freeze" you in fabric.


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