Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A UFO Farewell

Last Tuesday night saw our UFO group farewell one of our founding members.

The wonderfully funny and inspiring Colleen and her hubby have decided to move to new pastures.  As a group we were quite upset about this and made Colleen a UFO inspiration quilt.
 Here she is with her best 'surprise' face (I didn't have my camera out when I gave it to her to get a genuine reaction, but Colleen was amazed and shocked.
 You see......  welll........... we made Colleed do some work for her own farewell gift, but she didn't know it was for her.  Each of our group made a block with a UFO phrase on it, Colleen included.  We told Colleen it was to hang in the patchwork room as a fun reminder to not take ourselves or our quilting too seriously.

Imagine Colleen's surprise when we gave it back to her in a quilt.  Now we are going to make one for the patchwork room, but it won't be finished until the new year.
You will have noticed in the above photo that is isn't bound yet, that is because I thought I had one more week to finish the quilt, I was wrong and we presented Colleen with her own UFO to finish.

The phrases say
"Finished is better than Perfect" - Marilyn
"I'm not messy, I'm creative" - Emily
"May your bobbin always be full" - Gayle
"UFO or PHD that is the question" - UFO Crafters
"MY Quilt MY Rules" - Colleen
"Craft fills my days not to mention my cupboards & benches" - Becc
"A fat quarter is not a body part" - Cecily
"Three little words - Quilt and Bind" - Debra
"I have UFOs I haven't even thought of yet" - an original quote by our own 13 year old Rachel

Enjoy Colleen & we will commence our UFO blog soon.

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  1. LOL I have to say I'm laughing so hard at the fact you gave her another UFO as a gift. It's brilliant though! I particularly like "finished is better than perfect!"


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